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Park Land Management

The Park Land Management Program was initiated in 2015 and is responsible for the management of flood buy-out properties, greenways, and natural resource support on all park properties. The program is supervised by the Park Land Manager.

Flood Buy-out Properties

Travis County’s flood buy-out program is in place to minimize flood damage and costs. While the Park Land Management Program is not involved in the selection or funding of buy-out properties, it does assist with the removal of man-made infrastructure after purchase and is responsible for the day-to-day management. These are typically smaller properties located in flood plains throughout the county. The properties are managed as open space but, due to their location in urban or suburban areas, are typically maintained as residential lots. Ultimately, these properties may be converted into parks.

Greenway Properties

Travis County Parks is acquiring land along multiple creeks in Eastern Travis County in order to build Greenways and Trails. The Park Land Management Program is responsible for the day-to-day management of these properties until the planning, design, and construction is completed and the Greenways are open to the public. These properties are generally larger than the flood buy-out properties and are maintained as open space. Some of the properties are managed as woodlands or grasslands while others are leased to local agricultural producers.

Natural Resource Support

Travis County Parks' primary mission is to provide recreational opportunities to the local community. However most of the parks contain important natural communities and the Park Land Management Program assists with the management of parks, specifically those areas that are managed as open-space with limited recreational facilities. This is accomplished with multiple tools; most importantly prescribed burning, which can contribute to ensuring a healthy, resilient and aesthetic combination of woodlands, grasslands, and forests that are representative of Travis County.