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Park Rangers

Travis County Park Rangers patrol approximately 14,500 acres of county-owned or managed park and preserve lands on a regular basis to protect visitors, the natural environment and park facilities. Established in 1994, the park ranger program has grown with the county park system, and rangers are now responsible for public and staff safety in over 30 parks and numerous preserve tracts.

The rangers are well trained – all are commissioned law enforcement officers and are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians.  In addition to law enforcement-related calls, they respond to all emergencies that happen in the parks and preserves, from medical calls due to injury or illness, to searches and rescues, wildfires, or rules violations. And, because of their county-wide geographic patrol area, they are often called upon to assist other agencies with incidents that occur outside the parks. Rangers are also responsible for parks wildlife and feral animal management, and for the protection and preservation of natural, cultural, archaeological and physical resources.

If you need directions to a trail or fishing pond, want a few birding tips, or want to learn about local history and pre-history, ask a Ranger.  They can tell you about the wide variety of events held in the parks each year - underwater dive cleanups, youth fishing camps, tournaments and athletic events.  And if they can’t help you, they will know where to find answers to your questions. As stewards of Travis County’s well-loved lands, rivers, lakes and natural resources, they are there, above all, to help visitors enjoy their stay.

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