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Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burning is an important part of the Land Management Program and is the focus for much of the current management strategies.  Prescribed burning is in many ways the most effective way to treat large areas due to its relatively low-cost and the fact that its impacts cannot be replicated with any other land management tool. 

Wildland fires are a normal and natural part of the environment.  For millennia, periodic fires shaped the ecosystems of what is now Travis County.  Today, land managers use fire as a tool to restore these ecosystems and ensure they can withstand future environmental challenges such as extended droughts.  Our prescribed burn program is intended to replicate this natural cycle and ensure our parks provide a diversity of plants, animals and ecosystems that are sustainable over time. 

Travis County Parks staff plan and implement prescribed burns with assistance from other natural resource agencies and fire departments.  These agencies all share the same training and experience requirements and work year-round to ensure all local prescribed burn programs are implemented with the highest standards.   

Prescribed Burn Summary
FY14-FY16 (Updated as of 08/11/16)

Hamilton Pool Headquarters Field 20 02/13/15
Reimers Ranch Four Fields - Block A and B 206 09/14/15
Reimers Ranch Four Fields - Block C 156 09/15/15
Reimers Ranch Flow Trail - Block A 153 09/23/15
Reimers Ranch Flow Trail -Block B 142 09/24/15
Pace Bend Loop Road-Block D 113 01/27/16
Reimers Ranch Hogge - Block C and D 107 02/05/16
Reimers Ranch Hogge - Block B1 48 03/03/16
Pace Bend Loop Road - Block H 14 07/12/16
Pace Bend Loop Road - Block A 51 07/20/16
Pace Bend Loop Road - Block B-North 9 08/09/16
Total 1,019