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3011 Lohman Ford Rd.
Lago Vista, TX
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Hours of Operation

Sunrise to civil twilight (dark).

General Information

Acreage: 3.6

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Dink Pearson Park

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The 3.6 acre park consists of limestone outcropping with shallow layers of loam and a gently sloping sandy loam shoreline. The park is covered with dense juniper/oak woodland while along the shoreline is a semi-open grassland.

Dink Pearson is possible Golden-cheeked Warbler habitat. No endangered plant species have been identified at this time.


  • picnic tables
  • grills
  • unimproved boat ramp

Special Notes

Day use only park.

Ground fires are prohibited in all day use parks. Glass containers and fireworks are prohibited in all Travis County Parks. Public display of consumption of alcohol is prohibited.