Mansfield Dam Park
Lax Gani
Mansfield Dam Park
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
Mansfield Dam Park
Jaco Botha
Mansfield Dam Park
Mansfield Dam Park
Mansfield Dam Park
Mansfield Dam Park
Tom Hausler
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ramp platform on water by tom hausler
ramp and boat dock by tom hausler
pavillion by tom hausler
a grill and tables near the water by tom hausler
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boats sailing by unknown
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Mansfield Dam Park offers beautiful views of Lake Travis where families can picnic, swim in our secluded cove, fish, and play and includes the largest public boat ramp on Lake Travis with an extensive scuba diving park.


4370 Mansfield Dam Park Road
Austin, TX 78732
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Park Hours

Every day
Sunrise to civil twilight
(Today's sunrise is 07:01 am and civil twilight is 06:50 pm)

Boat Ramp Hours

Every day
24 Hours
LCRA Boat Ramp Status


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71 acres

Activities and Amenities

Barbecue grills
Boat ramp
Campsites (for SCUBA divers)*
Chess tables (6)
Climbing boulder
Covered shelters (7)
Courtesy dock
Designated swim cove
Paved multi-use trails
Pavilion* (1)
Picnic tables
SCUBA diving
Underwater dive park
* Reservations required

Know Before You Go


While the park provides access to the listed activities, Travis County Parks does not provide any equipment.

Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is quite active during peak boating season. On busy weekends and holidays, delays for launching boats can be expected.

Still the deepest, most accessible boat ramp on Lake Travis, Mansfield Dam's boat ramp has four lanes with an adjoining wheelchair-accessible courtesy dock to make lake launching easier.

SCUBA Diving

Potable water and an informational kiosk located at the dive park entrance

Underwater amusement has been enhanced by the addition of four underwater dive platforms at various lake levels. Also, an underwater trail and compass course will be laid out to connect dive attractions such as sunken boats, historic dam construction materials, and geological points of interest.


For safety reasons, access to the dam is not allowed.

Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels have been found along the shoreline of our lake parks. Swimmers and others seeking water-based recreation should exercise caution when in or near the water.


We accept cash but do not accept credit or debit cards at the entrance booth.



Pavilion reservations are required. Our pavilions accommodate up to 30 visitors. To make a reservation, please call 512-854-PARK or email [email protected].

SCUBA Diving Campsites

Campsites are available for SCUBA groups. To make a reservation, please call 512-854-PARK or email [email protected].


The following are prohibited:

  • Fireworks
  • Glass containers
  • Ground fires
  • Off-leash pets
  • Public display of consumption of alcohol
  • Tobacco products

For more information, view the Parks Rules and Safety page.


As its name suggests, Mansfield Dam Park is located adjacent to Mansfield Dam on the main body of Lake Travis and serves as one of the primary access points for boaters.

Set back from the water's edge, a central recreation area offers picnic sites, a playground, chess tables, and a panoramic view of the Lake Travis basin.

The day use area of the park offers picnic tables with barbecue grills, including several with covered shelters, tucked amid the canopies of native trees. Picnic sites and lake access are easily reachable by strolling along the meandering hike and bike trail to the location of your choice.

The western peninsula of Mansfield Dam park enjoys some of the most beautiful views of Lake Travis. Wander along our hike and bike trail to a peaceful gazebo surrounded by trees and vines and appreciate the view, watch the wildlife, or read a book.

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