For seasonal field reservations to be considered, requests can be submitted during the following date(s). Requests will be confirmed and/or denied during this time. Requests can still be submitted up to 3 business days in advance of your request date for any remaining timeslots. Soccer field reservations are for official gameplay only. Practices are not allowed.

Natural Grass Sports fields are closed every Friday and December 1 - February 15.

Spring Season February 16 – May 31:

  • Requests accepted starting January 2 and confirmed/denied by January 31

Summer Season June 1 – August 31:

  • Requests accepted starting May 1 and confirmed/denied by May 22

Fall Season September 1 – November 30:

  • Request accepted starting August 1 and confirmed/denied by August 22

Winter Season December 1 – February 15 (only for synthetic fields at Northeast Metropolitan Park):

  • Request accepted starting November 14 and confirmed/denied by November 27

Single day field reservations must be submitted three (3) business days (Monday-Friday) 8:30am-4:00pm prior to date and are based on field availability.

Requests must include the following:

  • Preferred park location
  • Field type (ex: Soccer / Baseball / Softball)
  • Date(s)
  • Number of fields
  • Start/End time
  • Request for lining
  • Lights
  • Youth (non-profit status with 501c3)

For Tournament or Special Event information, contact the Park Reservations Office at 512-854-7275.

Fax: 512-854-6474 Email: [email protected]

Concession Stands

We do not provide food, beverages, or serving staff. We do provide a clean, easily accessible facility for people to set up as they wish.

Persons or organizations that reserve the sports fields will have first right of refusal to reserve the adjoining concession stand for the same reservation period.