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1601 Quinlan Park Rd S.
Austin, TX
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Hours of Operation

Sunrise to civil twilight (dark).

General Information

Acreage: 5.8

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Mary Quinlan Park

News & Alerts

The LCRA intends on lowering Lake Austin for 6 weeks beginning January 2nd. The lake will be lowered approximately 10 feet so that lakeside property owners can perform maintenance work on docks and retaining walls and to inhibit the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation. The LCRA plans to begin the refill of Lake Austin on February 9th. While the Lake level is down, the Loop 360 Boat Ramp will be closed for boat launching. You can find more information on the LCRA's website.


Mary Quinlan Park is located on the upper reaches of Lake Austin. This small, moderately visited park offers 5.8 acres of rolling hills with 200 feet of shoreline access, including the only public boat ramp for several miles. Because of the narrow width of Lake Austin in this area, Mary Quinlan Park preserves much of the feel of the original steep-sloped Colorado River bottoms.


  • barbecue grills
  • boat ramp
  • picnic tables
  • restrooms

Special Notes

Day use only park. Ground fires are prohibited in all day use parks. Glass containers and fireworks are prohibited in all Travis County Parks. Public display of consumption of alcohol is prohibited.