Travis County Parks plans to conduct a prescribed burn at East Metropolitan Park on Thursday, January 12, 2023 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Travis County Parks is conducting the prescribed burn in cooperation with personnel from the local fire departments and natural resource agencies.

The prescribed burn is intended to reduce wildfire danger and improve ecosystem health by removing invading shrubs, consuming dead and downed vegetation, reducing the number of exotic species, and enhancing the health and diversity of the native plant community.

Northerly winds are expected which will carry smoke to the south across the park and towards communities and residences along Blake Manor and Burleson Manor Roads. Due to the expected winds, the smoke is expected to stay low to the ground and will be present for much of the day but it is expected to be relatively light.

The Park will remain open during the prescribed burn; however, some portions of the park will be closed. We anticipate closing the baseball and basketball parking lots, portions of the paved trail, and Bullfrog Pond. Other areas within the park that are not closed may be impacted by smoke from the prescribed burn.

East Metropolitan Park is located at 18706 Blake Manor Road, Manor, TX 78653.

Media note: The Park will remain open. There may be a PIO or staff available for interviews. Please call the Park Supervisor (contact listed above) for more information.