Travis County Parks plans to conduct prescribed burns at East Metropolitan Park on Tuesday, February 21, and Wednesday, February 22, 2023, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Travis County Parks is conducting the prescribed burns in cooperation with personnel from the local fire departments and natural resource agencies.

The prescribed burns are being implemented as part of a recovery effort tied to the 2023 Ice Strom. Pile burns will be implemented to address large volumes of woody material collected in the public use areas and a few smaller broadcast burns may be implemented to remove smaller volumes of debris located in less used and less accessible areas within the park.

Both southerly and northerly winds are expected this week. Smoke will be evident throughout the day but will be light and should not impact any receptors. If the small broadcast burns are implemented, there will be a brief time period with increased smoke density. This is expected on Wednesday and the smoke will mainly be evident in the park and along Blake Manor Road.

The Park will remain open during the prescribed burns; however, some portions of the park will be closed. Other areas within the park that are not closed may be impacted by smoke from the prescribed burn.

East Metropolitan Park is located at 18706 Blake Manor Road, Manor, TX 78653.

Media note: The Park will remain open. There may be a PIO or staff available for interviews. Please call the Park Supervisor (contact listed below) for more information.

  • Jack Vaughan, Park Supervisor, 512-400-1914
  • Hector Nieto, Travis County PIO, 512-854-8740

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