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Rules & Safety

Every effort is made to keep the parks open, available and accessible to everyone. The park rules are designed to foster cooperation among park users and to allow us to pass the parks along to the next generation in better condition than we found them. Below is a complete listing of the current Travis County park rules. To ask a question or for more information please call (512) 854-PARK (7275).


  • Soliciting - No soliciting is allowed. No one may rent or sell any item or service except under an approved concession contract.
  • Noise Limit - Visitors will not create excessive noise, excessive being a level which disturbs other visitors or adjacent residents. All generators and/or amplified music must be turned off between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • Minors - Adults are responsible for their minor children's actions.
  • Public Consumption – Public display of the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in any park. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed in the parks. Visitors who become intoxicated will be removed from the parks.
    Note: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at youth events.
  • Tobacco products are prohibited in all Travis County properties, including parks.
  • Metal Detectors – Metal Detectors are prohibited in any park.
  • Pets – All pets must be kept under the owner's direct control and attached to a person or fixed object at all times by a leash not to exceed six feet in length, and shall not be left unattended or constitute a nuisance. Noisy, vicious, or dangerous animals are not permitted, as determined on site by park staff.
    Exception: Pets are not allowed in Hamilton Pool Preserve, Pogue Springs Preserve, Wild Basin Preserve, Hippie Hollow Park, Tom Hughes Park, or on the Point at Bob Wentz Park.
    • Horses are allowed only at Pace Bend Park and Webberville Park only with coggins papers. Northeast Metropolitan Park Equestrian Areas are for special use groups only. Coggins papers and prior approval is required.
    • Other pets/animals, such as barnyard animals, exotics, llamas, mules, donkeys, goats and what would be considered a wild animal will not be allowed to be brought into any park.
  • Weapons, Firearms, and Fireworks - No person, in any county park may, except as permitted by State Law, possess a firearm; or discharge a weapon or firearm.
  • Glass Containers - No person shall bring into or use glass containers in any area of or within any Travis County Park.
  • Swimming - All swimming is at your own risk. No lifeguards are provided.
    Exception: Swimming and other water contact are not allowed at Hamilton Pool Preserve when bacteria levels exceed safe standards, and when signs are posted.
  • Camping: No person shall camp on any Travis County Parks land for more than 7 consecutive days or camp on Travis County Parks land for more than 14 days within any 30 day period

Resource Protection

  • Animals - Visitors are prohibited from disturbing, feeding, harming, collecting, or releasing animals in the parks.
  • Natural Materials - No person shall destroy, disturb, or remove from county parkland any timber, shrubs, other vegetations, rock, sand, gravel, caliche, or other similar substance, material, or geologic feature. Plants may not be brought into the parks. The cutting and/or gathering of firewood is prohibited.
  • Archaeological, Paleontological, and Historic Features - Archaeological, paleontological, and/or historical features of any character located in, on, or under county parkland may not be disturbed.
  • Property - Visitors are prohibited from carving, painting, or otherwise marking any tree, fence, rock, building, etc. Visitors are prohibited from altering any barrier, fence, traffic control device, or other county property.
  • Solid Waste - No garbage or other solid waste may be dumped or littered in the parks. Garbage associated with park use must be deposited in containers provided.
  • Fires - Fires are permitted in camp stoves, grills, or fireplaces. Ground fires are permitted in designated areas only and must be maintained in a safe and controlled manner at all times. Visitors must furnish proof of adequate firewood in order to receive a (free) campfire permit. Visitors without the proper permit will not be allowed to have a campfire. Fires may be prohibited during hazardous conditions.
    Exception: No fires, stoves, or cooking of any kind are permitted in Hamilton Pool Preserve or Wild Basin Preserve. No ground fires are allowed in any day use park.
  • Vehicles - Motorized vehicles are confined to designated roadways and parking areas. Vehicles which are not licensed for street use are prohibited. Only two vehicles are allowed per designated campsite. All vehicles and boat trailers in the improved campsite areas of Pace Bend Park and Bob Wentz Park must park in designated areas only and are also limited to two vehicles per site.
  • Boat Launching - All trailered or motorized watercraft must be launched at designated boat ramps or boat launch areas only.
  • Abandoned Vehicles - Any vehicle, boat, trailer, or other property abandoned in a county park is in violation of state laws and/or county rules and may be removed and stored at the owner's expense.


Any violation of park rules may result in the confiscation of park permit(s) and removal from the park for a period not less than 48 hours.

Health and Safety

Travis County park facilities are designed and operated with the safety and accessibility of park visitors in mind.Parks are patrolled by park rangers, in cooperation with other local, county and state law enforcement agencies. Park rangers can assist visitors should the need arise.


Our goal is to make sure the people with disabilities can take full advantage of Travis County parks and park facilities. We will coordinate with individuals and groups to accommodate persons with special needs. Please call (512) 854-PARK (7275) if you have any questions about accessibility at any of our parks.

Medical Assistance

For emergencies call 911. Park visitors in need of minor first aid or medical assistance may contact park staff. Many Travis County park staff members are certified Emergency Medical Technicians and can initiate ground ambulance or air rescue services for emergency medical care.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Call 911 or contact park staff, whichever is quicker. Park staff members have radio capability to initiate any emergency response needed.

Zika Virus

Safety tips to protect yourself from the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne viruses

Monofilament Line

monfilmentMonofilament line (fishing line) is dangerous to many types of wildlife living in and around the water and can also harm swimmers and boaters. Wildlife can become tangled in the line and pose safety concerns. Even when it’s thrown away, monofilament line can still be a danger to animals that live around landfills for the same reasons. Monofilament line takes around 600 years to decompose. Recycling stations have been placed near some popular fishing locations. Please help us maintain a safe environment!